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JomEstate 2.0 Release

We have great news for all users waiting for the new release of the JomEstate component, finally after months of development version 2.0 has been released. It shares the best features from the previous version with addition of the new functionality. It has been rewritten from scratch by best coders and the best database optimisation techiques to handle large data for portal sites. JomEstate is based on the same famous framework of our other extensions, offering smooth upgrade and compatibility it is also extremely expandable.

JomEstate comes with native support for Companies, Agents and the relationship between these two groups of users. Real Estate Companies have full control over theirs Agents allowing each to add/suspend an Agent and list the properties of a particular Agent. Each Company has it's own webpage where contact/address details are listed, also a slideshow gallery is included and a list of all the Agents that belongs to that Company. Company listings have personalized headers with backgrounds colour and logo.

Price types offer great flexibility and allow you to specify any name for the price e.g. Auction, Final offer etc. Listings can have single price set or multiple prices. Configuration controls currency and tax for the prices. Advanced and functional Front Admin has been made for front-end users, clear dashboard with information about views and account, listings control, detailed listings view statistics and much more.

These are just a few functionalities that the component has to offer.

For more information please check complete JomEstate features list

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Sunday, 10 December 2023

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