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Star and circles ratings now available with JomDirectory

When searching for a restaurant for a quite dinner or a vacation destination, it really helps to read up about the reviews of that place. Just last month, when we decided to go for a team outing, we were dumbstruck with the amount of options available. It is quite easy to get drowned into the web of selections. This is exactly when we zeroed on couple of places and read up some reviews, what kind of ratings it had and also the kind of people who visited the place. This research helped us select a place that catered to everyone from the team.

This situation we faced helped us understand the kind of research customers perform before investing in a service or product. Thus, we bring to our customers the capability to provide star and circles ratings with JomDirectory.

What is star and circles ratings?

Star rating lets you provide the customers with options to rate their favourite place or services that they used based on their experience. Customers have the freedom to provide a rating of 1 to 5. When the customer writes a review, he needs to provide star ratings for multiple parameters given. Like, in the following case of a rental, customers need to grade the rental based on multiple parameters.

For the circles ratings, it is recommended for in this case.

After the customer writes the review, the ratings are collated to create an average score of the property for that review and is reflected as follows. 

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