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Latest Joomla Security Release

One of the most popular content management systems (CMS) is Joomla. There is no doubt that. Users have the opportunity/ability to track or control every aspect of their own websites. It boasts of an amazingly easy to use dashboard. Navigation using this dashboard is extremely easy. The main reason as to why this system is popular is the fact that people on different levels of technical knowledge can easily use it. Both experienced and first timer web designers and developers can make excellent use of Joomla. The fact that it is a free content management system also makes it a darling to many. Various versions of Joomla exist. Over the years, it has undergone countless upgrades. These improvements are all tailored to improving and making it better.

Most Joomla users do not see a reason for having an upgrade. What is for sure is that an upgrade is inevitable. If you continue to use old versions, then you end up missing up on great features that new versions bring with them. Old versions are prone to various problems such as being prone to attacks. There is an increased vulnerability. To avoid all these, that is the reason as to the radical changes in Joomla versions. It is prudent to upgrade to a new version every time it is released. There is no doubt that any new modification brings with it many great features. Upgrading will help you resolve any detected security issues, enjoy improvised features, avoid non-functional features, and give a website an updated feel.Let us look at the various that were available, those presently available and those to be released.Version 1.5 – Released on January 2008Version 1.6 – Released on January 2011Version 1.7 – Released on July 2011Version 2.5 – Released on January 2012Version 3.0 – Released on September 2012Version 3.1 – Released on March 2013Version 3.5 – To be released on September 2013Template and extensions developers have an opportunity to test their current versions verses the latest Joomla version. In order to receive up to date news about the latest versions, it is prudent to sign up for newsletters. These materials will always keep you posted whenever new versions are released. Once you receive adequate information about a new version, never hesitate to upgrade. Migrating will surely bring with it countless advantages. Therefore, never use an old version while Joomla developers are always working hard to modify and improve versions.

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