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Why your property listing site is doing it all wrong and how to fix it

Just a couple of days back, we had a client explain a situation he faced with a customer. Now, this customer wanted to buy a property in London and was using the client’s property listing site to understand his choices. Though our client was excited and hoping this deal clicks, the deal did not go through. Why you ask? The simple reason being that the way our client’s site was structured! It turns out the customer was not able to find listings as per his preferences due to the site limitations.


Property listing sites are not just a simple search, they need to be the GOOGLE of search. This means your customers need to find all your listings that are applicable to their search in matter of minutes and in the easiest way possible. That is exactly what the Property Plan template by Comdev intends to do!

The template not just offers sophisticated colour palette, but a smooth interface with myriad options for the customer to easily reach his intended dream house. Your deals will always click!

Here is why the Property Plan template is going to revamp your website.

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