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Joomla! V3.1 is here! You can now tag easily

There is a new version of Joomla and it comes with the latest updates that you should exploit. There are a number of updates that are made not forgetting the main update which is the tagging system.
You can now tag across different contents.

Browsing through a number of website requires that you organize your tags in a manner that will make it easy for you to go through them. Joomla latest update ensures that you do this with ease.
The ease of going through all you tags is not what makes Joomla v3.1 to be ideal. Rather there is the additional benefit of tagging other aspects such as feeds and your contacts. The effective tagging system ensures that you can tag different contents as you browse.
In addition to tagging different aspects, you are also freed from the long process of visiting the tagging feature to be able to access your tags. Simply tag what you find to be interesting in the content using the tag app in Joomla v3.1. Talking about apps, it is now possible to integrate your apps using the API feature. You will also be enjoying the idea of creating Parent tags and other smaller tags.
A while ago tagging was done using other softwares but now things have changes with the introduction of the latest version. Joomla itself ensures that you can do all the tagging without using 3rd party programs.
Joomla v3.0
This version was introduced in late 2012
Up to 3% of websites globally use this open source core
Features include:
•    fast and reliable mobile design
•    easy to install
•    prompt upgrades
Joomla v3.1
•    Bug fixes
•    Variety of packages e.g. OpenStreetMap
•    Tagging feature- in the latest update

Drupal and WordPress are the two main competitors of Joomla and they had already taken a competitive advantage over Joomla by ensuring that the tagging feature was available to its users. Well, it is a healthy competition now that Joomla has followed the trend and offered this tagging feature in their latest v3.1 update. Truly speaking this was an unpredicted move. Right now we cannot predict the surprises that would be there in Joomla v3.2. We just have to sit back and hope that the existing competition would be an added advantage to us.
Make the best out of the tagging feature that is not incorporated in Joomla V3.1.

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Friday, 14 June 2024

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