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How to build a Travel startup website using Joomla?

In this post, you’ll learn techniques you can use to take your current or new travel startup idea and come up with the core components into quickly realizing your travel startup idea along with how to quickly develop a travel startup website using Joomla within 1 hour of setting up your web hosting account.

The advantages of setting up a travel startup as an entrepreneur is that the barrier to entry is very low (although the barrier of disruption is high). The online travel market is continuing to grow globally with gross bookings of over $140 billion in 2014 and growing at a rate of 12% annually.

Popular startups including travel startups are being built around singular consumer, needs, wants, uses or utilities and the core use can be described in less than one sentence.

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Here are some examples:

Airbnb.com – rent your spare bedroom to travelers.
HotelTonight – hotel rooms for tonight only.
Eventbrite – discover great events.
PayPal – the world's most loved way to pay and get paid

Advantages of using Joomla to build your travel website

Open source The best advantage of using the Joomla CMS is that it is an open source platform and is available for free. All the source codes are available for free and the user can reuse it as per the requirements. If you want to hoard some of your hard earned money you must make your website using Joomla CMS.
Usability Joomla CMS can be used for making any kind of websites, right from the small, simple and personal blog to the large corporate website or any e-commerce website. The plenty of options and features available in Joomla CMS enables the user to make a website with all necessary modules. One can also make the organizational websites and government applications using the Joomla CMS. Even the online communities or online magazines could be created easily by using Joomla CMS.
Accessibility Joomla Content Management System is very easy to use and even a layman having no technical knowledge about HTML programming can make a website using it. This is one of the major advantages of Joomla CMS which is making it increasingly popular bit by bit. You just need to install Jommla CMS and you are all set to create, edit and manage the content in your website. You do not need to have any prior knowledge about web development to make a website using the Joomla CMS.
Themes and templates Joomla CMS comes with various attractive themes and templates. You can make your website look attractive by using different inbuilt templates and themes. You can select the theme and template which goes well with your niche and topic. Selecting or changing the existing theme and template is absolutely easy in Joomla CMS. For this purpose, we will recommend JomHoliday extension as it offers many of the key features found on holiday/travel booking platforms such as live online booking system and a solid administration platform to monitor bookings, sales performance and provide customer support.
Trouble-free Migration If you have your website in Joomla you can migrate to any other server with ease.
Customer Support Joomla CMS is run by a vast community and if you are facing any technical problem in maintaining your website in Joomla you can submit a report or a bug and your problem will be fixed in real time b the experienced and large community of Joomla.

How to get started

To get started on building a website, check out our article on How to Build a Website with Joomla 3  to set up the Joomla platform successfully on your web hosting server.

Downloading and Installing JomHoliday Online Holiday Booking System Extension into Joomla

JomHoliday is a booking and room management solution for hotels, vacation rentals and B&Bs.

It allows an accommodation owner to:

•    Create rooms and assign availability (or on hold states) via a calendar.
•    Layout Customization - Multiple Layouts, Side By Side Layout like Airbnb
•    Manage pricing for rooms using calendars that allow to set pricing for entire seasons or just change it for specific dates. Price can be automatically calculated based on resource price. Set minimum stay period, additional price information based on custom fields
•    Add unlimited resources, with different price and availability. With each resource equipped with its own configurable custom fields and gallery, adding customized resources has never been easy. Easily add price discounts based on seasonal offers
•    Define optional add-ons for rooms.
•    Charge either per-night or per-person.
•    Handle children discounts.
•    Create bookings and keep customer records.
•    Make rooms available for booking with a availability search functionality and/or calendar - handling both immediate bookings and bookings following owner confirmation.
•    Search by Room Type.
•    Full integration with Joomla to manage payments, a range of different payment gateways, and a host of other e-commerce features.
•    Accept full or partial payments (deposits) using Commerce features.
•    Through JomHoliday Availability Constraints an admin can define availability constraints such as the minimum period of a booking.
•    Live Map Search - Lets customers search and locate your live results on the map. Filter your results based on multiple search parameters and view your results in real time.


If you have already downloaded the extension, unzip it first to a temporary directory. You will see two packages:

  • com_jomcomdev.zip (main framework)
  • com_jomholiday-[ver. number].zip (jomholiday extension)

Both packages need to be installed.

The easiest way to install the extensions is by using the Upload Package File option. Just click on the Choose File button, and locate the extension.

Once you've selected the correct file, click Upload File and Install. Joomla will then automatically extract and install the extension for you.

Installing from Directory

From time to time you may find that the Upload Package File option is having a bad day (there's always a reason). If you find yourself in this position, you can either troubleshoot and fix the problem, or you can use the other option Joomla provides to install an extension: Install From Directory. To use of this option, you'll need FTP access, or another file access and transfer protocol. Your hosting provider will be able to give you the information you need in order to gain FTP access to your web files. Once you have FTP access, you'll need to upload the zipped extension into the public directory of your Joomla website (generally called public_html).

From here, just provide Joomla with the file location of the extension under Install From Directory, and again Joomla will extract and install the extension for you.

Remember to install both packages.

  • com_jomcomdev.zip (main framework)
  • com_jomholiday-[ver. number].zip (jomholiday extension)
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