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Why open houses help you sell more?

When someone wants to invest their hard earned money in buying a house, seeing is believing. Lets face it even buying something as trivial as a loaf of bread needs for us to inspect it well because it is going to consumed by you and your loved ones. So, why wouldn’t someone want to see the house before investing in it where he wants his loved ones to dwell?


Open houses are growing in popularity and seems to be the it thing in the real estate industry. Granted with advent of internet, we can easily tap customers by sharing as many pictures as possible. But, open houses lets them actually match their expectations in person.

We at Comdev understood this need and how important this requirement of conducting open houses is for making a real estate business successful. And, hence our latest version of JomEstate includes the Open House tab.

This tab comes with integrated Ajax Calendar, which lets you mark off dates when open houses for a particular listing are to be conducted. You can also share brief information, such as contact details, owner availability along with the open house details in this tab.

JomEstate has plenty of other features that let your real estate website come alive. For more information about features, visit Comdev.



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Sunday, 10 December 2023

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