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Why Joomla is your right choice for creating a portal?

If you are confused about which Content Management System (CMS) to go ahead with when creating your dream portal, you are not alone. With the ever increasing options for CMSs, one tends to get lost with their choices. As a user, the website I am accessing needs to be fast, responsive, quick to load, and of course a pleasure to view. Even if one of these factors are missing, the complete “user experience” takes a hit.


Joomla CMS is one such CMS that not just gives you all these features, but much more in terms of flexibility and add-ons. Let us quickly take a look at why Joomla is your best bet:

It is Free!

Who does not like to use free stuff? Joomla is free with licensing that falls under GNU/GPL license. Because of this you get a lot of flexibility to modify your site as per your vision.


Joomla is best known for its security features. Though hackers will always exists, Joomla provides better security among the CMSs available.

Large extensions library

Extensions add additional features to your website. With Joomla, the layout of your website remains sophisticated and classy, and with extensions you can add more add-ons to your site.

Easy to build

Even if you are a student starting off to hone your web development skills or an organization with little to no IT team help, Joomla-based websites can be created with equal ease by both of them. That is the reason Joomla is popular choice among web developers.

Responsive layouts

This is a very important feature. With responsive layouts, you can be assured that the site experience for your users will not be affected. So even if your site is accessed over a smartphone, a tablet, or a desktop, user experience will not be compromised.

Themes and Templates

Wonderful choices of themes and templates that will appeal to an array of users. The admin panel is very intuitive making it easy to change themes or templates.

Migration ease

With Joomla, migration becomes much easier. So, if you want to port your website to another server, Joomla makes migrating easy.

These are just some of the features that make Joomla a top choice for creating any portals. Joomla also boasts of a great community support, which is always available with answers. This collaborative approach makes creating portals even more fun.

Want to know what extensions do to a basic Joomla site, see JomHoliday 3 extension brought to you by Comdev.

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Tuesday, 03 October 2023

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