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NetBeans IDE – Coding has never been this easy!

If you have been in dire need to develop Java desktop, then NetBeans IDE is the tool for you. This tool is also used in developing applications that can be supported on the web and mobile platforms. There are also other abundant tools that C/C++ and PHP developers can make use of. The best part is that the tool is free.
Supports the latest Java innovations

With the increasing rise in technological developments, more and more devices require that you make use of Java. Well, not any version of Java would do for you; the latest Java versions are required. This is where NetBeans IDE comes in. in comparison to other IDEs; this is the best tool so far considering the fact that it supports the latest Java enhancements. JDK 7, JavaFX and Java EE 7 are some of the Java versions that are supported by this unique tool.
Fast and effective in managing bulky projects
Undeniably you can attest to the fact that managing a long list of applications is a tough task. This is made even harder if the applications have folders that you have to access in order to retrieve the data that you would be using. Well, with the help of NetBeans IDE you would be accessing your data promptly. This gives you time to manage all your data at a go. This also makes it easy for potential project developers to assess and join your project; thanks to the good coding system that NetBeans IDE offers.
Forget about errors in your coding
Coding your system can cost you a big deal of money more so if you are ignorant to fix errors as soon as they arise. Using NetBeans IDE you will be able to identify codes that are erroneously made. This is done using FindBugs and other tools that are easily integrated into this tool. You also have the advantage of using Debugger tool which comes with NetBeans IDE. This Debugger will help you in creating breakpoints, improving your codes, taking snapshots etc.
Optimization of your applications is also enhanced using the Profiler tool. This tool is also useful in making sure that your apps run in speeds that you allocate. Memory usage is also controlled using this tool. To top all these, you will be building reliable applications such as Java EE, Java SE and JavaFX.
There are many benefits to gain from using this tool including:
1.    Multiple languages
2.    Supports various OS (Linux, Windows and Mac)
3.    New plugins to make use of from fast and innovative NetBeans community

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