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Joomla vs. WordPress - what should be your choice and why?

So you have decided to create your real estate portal, but are yet confused where to get started? As a real estate company or even as an individual agent, there are multiple aspects that your Content Management System (CMS) needs to take care of. These aspects are not just limited to the CMSs, but pan over templates and themes that the CMS offers.

When you Google or reach out to someone for help in selecting the perfect CMS for your site, the suggestions will mostly cover two options; WordPress or Joomla. Beyond these suggestions, let us take a look at which of these CMSs can be your choice, in which scenario, and the reason for it.

Learning Curve 

When you log into WordPress, there is no overwhelming feeling as opposed to when you will log into Joomla admin console. Though WordPress seems much more user-friendly in the first glance, Joomla needs a little bit more of a learning curve. But, this learning curve also enhances your ability to understand the vast flexibility that Joomla offers.


Since WordPress provides ease of use, the audience or users is not limited to someone with at least some basic knowledge of software languages. Not that with Joomla you need to be a web design wizard, but some knowledge does helps you understand Joomla better. WordPress is more suitable for content-driven websites, so is Joomla, but its true potential is unleashed when used for corporate sites or portals.

Theme and template versatility

If you are looking to create a website with its selling point being content – WordPress offers the most amount of variety in terms of themes and templates. But, for any other purpose apart from blogging, Joomla offers a versatile bunch of themes and templates.

Documentation and support community

Though WordPress is popular for being easier to setup and install, Joomla lacks this advantage initially. But, once you get the hang of the CMS structure, Joomla offers tremendous extension capability. Apart from this, the Joomla community has much more activity than seen in the WordPress forums. Since Joomla is relatively new, efforts to provide maximum support are been made quite aggressively.

Your choices of selecting the most appropriate CMS must be dependent upon the type of audience and content that it caters to. Extension in Joomla or Plugins in WordPress will help you in perfecting your site and making it the absolute perfect portal that you want it to be.

Joomla has its unique features and customization ability that will assist in creating better websites. At Comdev, we offer multiple extensions that cater to different genres such as real estate, directory listings, Events handling and more. Learn more about how Joomla extensions work by visiting Comdev.

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Tuesday, 03 October 2023

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