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Change your Joomla directory template now! And here is why.

What is that one thing that irks any visitor who is trying to find a listing on a directory site? Going through ONLY alphabetical listings to find their required service. Who has the time in today’s day and age to go page by page through listings? Visitors need smart solutions that are intuitive and take them to their intended service with minimal manual intervention. This where MyDirectory can help!

Comdev brings its brand new Joomla Template for directory listings – MyDirectory. It is a robust multipurpose template that can change the look and feel of your website, but what is more important is that it can revamp how users search your listings. They are provided with an interface that is easy to navigate and reduces search time drastically.

Here is why investing in the MyDirectory template can change your website –

Unique Side by Side layout


Traditional listing templates will give you Maps view and a listing view, but MyDirectory combines the experience of Maps and listings such that users can quickly see where their favourite listing is based. Make your decisions quicker as you get to see pins for different listings in one glance!

Map Wide view for quick search based on your location


Unique pins on the map represent different listings. When you click MYLOCATION, your location is tracked. You can now select the services or listings you are looking for closest to your location. It is as simple as that!! No longer typing in unique keywords to locate listings close to you. This view is a part of the new layout for the Ajax Map Search Module and is available as Paid module with the template.

Multiple browser support

So you are not a fan of Mozilla Firefox, but are a Chrome lover? MyDirectory offers multiple browser support. Your experience will remain the same no matter which browser you use. MyDirectory understands that every user has unique tastes.

HTML5 and CSS3 integrated

How does HTML5 integration help me as a user? Imagine you are accessing a website over your browser on the desktop. When you want to travel, you open the same website in your handheld device, say your smartphone. If your website is HTML5 compatible, your viewing experience will remain the same on both devices. That means no missing buttons or image displacements. That is the kind of user experience we promise to deliver and have delivered with all our templates – so why should MyDirectory be any different!

Apart from these superb features, MyDirectory is based on WARP framework. This framework provides lighter more responsive websites. The template can be easily used with your existing listing directory extension. But, if you are looking for a user experience that is lightning fast and sophisticated, try the MyDirectory template with our JomDirectory extension and be amazed!

Accelerate your site’s performance with MyDirectory. Buy it now and get started!!  



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Sunday, 10 December 2023

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