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Building a Site with Joomla

Joomla is a website content management system available for free. It allows construction of sites through module combination by the web designers without the need to have adequate knowledge in the programming to be used. Its framework is administered in writing through PHP. Among the modules available are RSS feeds, language internalization and polls. This enables the users to bring out the content in the web with less experience in web design.

It has very easy installation procedures. You don’t need to be an advanced user. The instructions are simple. If you are worrying about the support system, Joomla is empowered by open source CMS which has an increasing community of over 200,000 talented developers and friendly users since the year 2000 up to present.
So what are the advanced features Joomla can offer? Aside from the basic package, there are a lot of sophisticated add-ons such as inventory control systems, application bridges, data reporting tools, custom product catalogs, communication tools, reservation complex business directories, e-commerce systems and complex business directories.
It is used by various entities such as corporate websites and portals, online newspapers, magazines and publications, corporate extranets and intranets, online reservations and e-commerce, small business websites, government applications, community-based portals, organizational and non-profit websites, church and school websites, and family or personal homepages.
Here is a list of its advantages.

  • Open source - Since it is a free open source platform, all of the source codes can be reused by the user. You can earn a lot without having to spend for anything.
  • Usability - It can be utilized for creating any type of website, either from a small simple personal blog or a big corporate website. Even government applications, organizational websites, online communities and magazines can easily be created.
  • Accessibility - It is accessible and easy to use even by someone who doesn't know so much about web programming. All you have to do is install it, then, you can immediately create and manage your own website's content.
  • Templates and themes - It comes with attractive templates and themes which you can choose whichever suits your topic and niche. You can also easily change them anytime.
  • Trouble-free migration - You can easily migrate to any server without complex procedures.
  • Customer Support - Any technical problem that may occur is fixed by a huge community well-experienced in handling issues that may arise.

However, there are also disadvantages. One major drawback is experiencing some plug-ins which only works with particular scripts. The website also becomes heavy in loading and running because you can extensively customize it.
Now that you have been given some insights, weigh things out and start building your website with Joomla.

Crucial Information About Joomla Templates
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Wednesday, 17 April 2024

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