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BookMe - The Ideal Multipurpose Booking Template for Joomla

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Spring is right around the corner, making this a great time for vacations, holiday tours and leisurely escapades to the world’s most exotic locations. This time of the year is a free buffet for hotels and holiday resorts, which shall profit from the increasingly large number of tourists that flock to the world’s famous attractions looking for pleasure, relaxation and inspiration.

Just in time for the season, Comdev, the famous creator of quality Joomla templates, brings you BookMe, the ideal website template for any kind of online booking service. BookMe is a professionally-designed, responsive Joomla template that features Warp Framework for WordPress and Joomla, making it ideal for almost any web project, especially those centered around booking services.
Featuring Warp 7

The Warp 7 is a genuinely smart template framework built for WordPress and Joomla web designs. Complete with a modern user interface, smart frontend features, cross-platform support, modern HTML and CSS coding and lightning fast loading speeds, Warp 7 is the ultimate framework for making premium website templates that do not compromise in quality. The Warp 7 features all modern HTML and CSS coding techniques, and features a fully responsive design that adapts to any screen size.

Clean and Customizable

Built with the preference of the modern web surfer in mind, BookMe offers a completely customizable professional web layout that does not feature any unnecessary graphics, corrupt JavaScript or slow-loading iframes. It comes power-packed with the sleekest web design modules that allow for a lightweight and simplified website that loads fast and looks great. If you have an eye for clean Joomla designs based on professional interface and updated experience, BookMe is a template that cannot escape your eye.

Multiple Home Page Layouts

The BookMe Multipurpose Booking Template comes with its own list of several unique homepage designs, each with its custom modules, colors, slideshows, text boxes and content designs. Each homepage presents a unique way to display the best of your business and entice consumers into buying your product. There are also several premade layouts available for displaying the various listings that your business may have. The easy-to-use admin panel allows for easy customization of the site’s homepage and design, making the entire setup fluid and lucid.

JomHoliday Compatible

The BookMe Multipurpose Booking Template is fully compatible with JomHoliday Joomla Booking Extension, the ultimate Joomla extension for property rental services. If you run a real estate business and would like to use BookMe for your website, JomHoliday can help you a lot in terms of your work.

Other Key Features

Other than the features mentioned above, the BookMe Multipurpose Booking Template comes with a host of other wonderful features, such as changeable color skins featuring two attractive shades of vermillion and sky-blue. The colors are changeable using a single click of a button in the theme’s admin panel. The template is fully responsive, allowing for it to be adjustable to any device and screen size, mobile, tablet, laptop or PC. Further, the simple and lightweight coding allows for super-fast loading speeds, causing your bounce rates to drop further down.
All in all, the BookMe Multipurpose Booking Template is a wonderful choice for any professional Joomla website, especially one related to the booking business. If you know anything about web design, you can’t help but appreciate the wonderful list of features this theme has to offer.

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