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10 Essential SEO Tips for Your Joomla Website You Must Know

So you've chosen Joomla! as your CMS of choice. You've bought, or designed and developed a beautiful template and added all your creatively crafted content to your new Joomla! website and you are now ready to start open your website up toyou’re your hungry customers that are asking you to “shut up and take my money

As a business owner or a marketer with a Joomla website, here is some information on how to best optimize your Joomla website for the latest SEO techniques and methodologies.

Having developed a number of Joomla! Websites, Templates and Extentions over the years, I would like to share with you the exact guidelines that I give to our designers at COMDEV to make sure that our websites compete admirably in the rankings.

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Building a Site with Joomla

Joomla is a website content management system available for free. It allows construction of sites through module combination by the web designers without the need to have adequate knowledge in the programming to be used. Its framework is administered in writing through PHP. Among the modules available are RSS feeds, language internalization and polls. This enables the users to bring out the content in the web with less experience in web design.

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