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New Explore Joomla Theme

The Explore template brings an ultra-modern user experience to your JomDirectory-powered business directory or product catalog.

With a responsive layout powered by UIKIT, users can easily access your directory from mobile, tablet, laptop or desktop and designers will love how easy it is to customize and implement an engaging experience across all devices and customiser, an easy-to-use css editor makes it easier than ever to extend your site's styling with your preferred look and feel. And fixed and overflow headers allow users to scroll down the page while still providing access to the site's main menu.

With Explore you can easily apply a variety of layouts for both the home and directory listing pages. Display an interactive map when your users first arrive to your site or provide a realtime map with your listings.

A variety of easy-to-use modules allows you to display latest events, new products and even an interactive map and products and services can be easily found with a fully integrated search and browse system, along with powerful filters to narrow down search results. Explore modules also feature a two-level title so you can provide a blurb or catchphrase under the main heading.

Explore provides beauty and simplicity in a similar vein to high-end sites such as AirBnb and Stayz.com.
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Auctions - Joomla Auctions Template

Joomla Offers Template Comdev

The job market isn’t what it used to be. More and more, young professionals find themselves
Working under shorter contracts, with multiple employers. This trend is projected to grow stronger as automation erodes more and more jobs traditionally done by humans. But the rise of the ‘gig economy’ also presents a new opportunity: the creation of marketplaces to connect freelancers and employers. Our new Auctions template for Joomla is designed to make building such sites a snap.

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BookMe - The Ideal Multipurpose Booking Template for Joomla

bookme Preview2

Spring is right around the corner, making this a great time for vacations, holiday tours and leisurely escapades to the world’s most exotic locations. This time of the year is a free buffet for hotels and holiday resorts, which shall profit from the increasingly large number of tourists that flock to the world’s famous attractions looking for pleasure, relaxation and inspiration. Just in time for the season, Comdev, the famous creator of quality Joomla templates, brings you BookMe, the ideal website template for any kind of online booking service. BookMe is a professionally-designed, responsive Joomla template that features Warp Framework for WordPress and Joomla, making it ideal for almost any web project, especially those centered around booking services.
Featuring Warp 7

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Change your Joomla directory template now! And here is why.

What is that one thing that irks any visitor who is trying to find a listing on a directory site? Going through ONLY alphabetical listings to find their required service. Who has the time in today’s day and age to go page by page through listings? Visitors need smart solutions that are intuitive and take them to their intended service with minimal manual intervention. This where MyDirectory can help!

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