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Build an auctions marketplace with JomOffers 1.3

Comdev is excited to announce the next release of JomOffers, the online freelancer platform for Joomla.

JomOffers works in a similar way to popular freelancing sites such as Upwork and Freelancer; clients can sign up to create projects and job offers, accept bids and pay for work, while freelancers can offer their services, bid for projects and get paid for the work they complete. Paid memberships and escrow features are built in, opening up revenue streams for the JomOffers facilitator.

JomOffers is built on top of the Joomla platform, so features such as translations, tagging, social networking and theme customisation are provided out-of-the-box and will be familiar to all Joomla administrators. Powerful media management allows users to easily add videos and images to their listings for more impact.

New to 1.3 is a commission system where listing owners can deposit funds into JomOffers which they can then either release as a part payment or pay in full to the freelancer.

JomEstate 4 is OUT!

We’re pleased to announce the latest version of our JomEstate Joomla! extension for real estate! Agents on your real estate website can now have their own profile pages, complete with their photo, details, and listings. New features like saving your favourite listings make JomEstate easier to use than ever before, taking clients from homepage to home on the range in minutes. This new version boasts stunning visual improvements as well as appreciable gains in performance- an attractive offer to new users and veterans alike.

How to build a Travel startup website using Joomla?

In this post, you’ll learn techniques you can use to take your current or new travel startup idea and come up with the core components into quickly realizing your travel startup idea along with how to quickly develop a travel startup website using Joomla within 1 hour of setting up your web hosting account.

The advantages of setting up a travel startup as an entrepreneur is that the barrier to entry is very low (although the barrier of disruption is high). The online travel market is continuing to grow globally with gross bookings of over $140 billion in 2014 and growing at a rate of 12% annually.

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JomOffers - Feature-rich reverse auction site is here!

We cater to multiple clients across domains and the consistent feedback that we receive has been that the extensions we create are always created taking into consideration the pain points for that industry. When we were approached by our existing clients about their requirement of an auction site that was versatile, fast, and responsive, we saw an opportunity. 

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