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How to Build a Website with Joomla 3?

Joomla is one of the longest and most famous FREE open source projects next to WordPress. As it continues to thrive in 2015, Joomla remains the second most popular content management system (CMS), behind only WordPress.
You have almost certainly used or heard of Joomla at some point, but if you haven’t used it in a while, the latest release (Joomla 3) provides plenty of reasons to give it a fresh look.
Joomla 3 is a fascinating product and was the first CMS to be completely responsive for both visitors and administrators.
Joomla 3 is responsive because the Joomla team decided to adopt the Bootstrap framework. The use of Bootstrap makes Joomla 3 attractive for front-end designers, but it also makes it easy for developers to create interfaces for their code.

You really can get a Joomla 3 website up and running in just a few minutes.

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Joomla vs. WordPress - what should be your choice and why?

So you have decided to create your real estate portal, but are yet confused where to get started? As a real estate company or even as an individual agent, there are multiple aspects that your Content Management System (CMS) needs to take care of. These aspects are not just limited to the CMSs, but pan over templates and themes that the CMS offers.

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Why Joomla is your right choice for creating a portal?

If you are confused about which Content Management System (CMS) to go ahead with when creating your dream portal, you are not alone. With the ever increasing options for CMSs, one tends to get lost with their choices. As a user, the website I am accessing needs to be fast, responsive, quick to load, and of course a pleasure to view. Even if one of these factors are missing, the complete “user experience” takes a hit.

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Crucial Information About Joomla Templates

Joomla templates simply refer to a set of files that help in the management of content presentation. These files are normally within Joomla Content Management System. Unlike many people hold, they are not websites. However, they are considered as a basic foundation design in viewing a Joomla Website.

Let us face it; very few people are great at coming up with brilliant website designs. The same is true in the world of templates. Actually, not everyone is understands the whole concept of coming up with a website. Websites ought to look and feel professional. The truth of the matter is that, if web developers and designers do not give their all to a website, then that particular site will become part of a huge flop statistic.

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